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Sort the most liked tweets of all time from Twitter's most influential users.

  1. Choose the desired parameter to search by: likes, date, retweets, quote tweets, replies, and bookmarks.
  2. Select either Decreasing or Increasing order.
  3. Choose a user from the dropdown menu to find that user's most liked tweets; the default is "All".
  4. Press the Submit button, and the results will be shown.

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In-depth Guide

Introduction to Sort Tweets

Twitter is often referred to as the de facto digital town square and an important resource for the latest news and information. As such, one might be curious as to which tweets are the most liked or popular and which users have authored a disproportionate number of these viral tweets.

Here at WingAzul, we have curated the largest database of the most liked tweets of all time. Not only are you able to view them in aggregate, but we give visitors to our website the ability to narrow these tweets by metric (likes, date, retweets, quote tweets, replies, and bookmarks), in either decreasing (high to low) or increasing (low to high) order, and by user or author.

Example #1: How to Sort the Most Liked Tweets of All Time

To show your approval of a tweet, there is one quintessential action: the Like. As such, the natural choice would be to sort the most liked tweets in order of largest number of likes.

Fortunately, this is the easiest option and is actually the default configuration. Simply press the Submit button above and all of the most liked tweets will be sorted by Likes in Decreasing (High to Low) order with All users selected.

As seen in the tweet below, the most liked tweet of all time is from Chadwick Boseman's family, announcing the talented actor's tragic and early death from colon cancer. The tweet has almost 7 million likes.

Example #2: How to Find the Earliest Viral Tweets

Sometimes just knowing the proper history of events is all a person wants! We make it effortless to arrange the most liked tweets by date in either reverse chronological (Newest to Oldest) or chronological (Oldest to Newest) order.

Simply select "Date" for "Sort By". You'll notice that the content in the parenthesis for the "In Order" dropdown will switch to "(Newest to Oldest)". This is because dates cannot be quantified like the other metrics. Regardless, for this exercise, choose "Increasing (Oldest to Newest)", keep the "User" as "All", and then press Submit. The results will be shown.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the following tweet from Louis Tomlinson is the first tweet to ever cross 1 million likes! Our platform is so versatile and robust that these incredible, historic insights are available in just a few clicks.

Example #3: How to Choose a Specific User

While viewing the tweets in aggregate is likely what most people are interested in, sometimes visitors to our website might be curious about arranging the tweets of one, singular user.

To demonstrate this, let's choose "Bookmarks" for "Sort By", "Decreasing (High to Low)" for "In order", and "BarackObama" for "User". After pressing Submit, the following tweet discussing George Floyd's death by former President Obama will be displayed. It turns out that this tweet is the most bookmarked of all of Obama's tweets.


Our Sort Tweets function is among the most advanced Twitter searches available today. While other websites list the most liked tweets of all time, they often only focus on the top 10-30 tweets. Our application, on the other hand, provides almost 300 tweets and allows users to sort them by a variety of metrics such as likes, date, retweets, quote tweets, replies, and bookmarks, in either increasing or decreasing order, and by all or certain users.

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We're constantly updating our list of viral tweets and actively welcome submissions of tweets with over 1 million likes that are not included on our list.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or message us on our Twitter page @WingAzulApp.

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